Golden Tee 2016 Launch Guide
The Features, Courses, Additions and News You Need to Know Before Teeing Off on 2016

While you mentally prepare for Golden Tee 2016—which has shipped and is currently being installed in locations around the country—we want to ensure that you are prepared for launch.

Over the past few months, we’ve talked extensively about 2016 and all the unbelievable additions it includes. The new game modes, the new features, the new courses, the new menu screens and so much more: We’ve explored a lot.

If you haven’t seen/read it all just yet, I come with good news. We have a guide, highlighting the most significant content over the past few months.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ve done, separated by category. Read a story, read it all, run away from this page immediately—reading nothing—and go explore 2016 instead, regardless of what you do, we understand.

Happy Golden Tee 2016!



Behind the Design: Winding Pines

Golden Tee 2016 Trailer: Winding Pines

Behind the Design: Elkhorn Ridge

Golden Tee 2016 Trailer: Elkhorn Ridge

Behind the Design: Volcano Palms

Golden Tee 2016 Trailer: Volcano Palms

Behind the Design: Antelope Pass

Golden Tee 2016 Trailer: Antelope Pass

Behind the Design: Hawthorne Manor

Golden Tee 2016 Trailer: Hawthorne Manor

Say Hello to Countryside Lake




Introducing Build-A-Bag

Hands On With Build-A-Bag

New Sticks to Pick From in 2016

Pick a Course, Any Course


New Game Modes/Additions

Golden Tee Reborn

Introducing Money $hot

A Whole New Way to Win

No Putter Necessary

Get Even Closer

More Tools to Use

Introducing the Cardless ID

New Look When You Look Down


The GT Caddy

The GT Caddy, Reborn

Wear It Well


Golden Tee World Championship

The Golden Tee 2016 World Championship

A Grand Return


Looking for 2016? Download the GT Caddy and find a game today!

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