Wanna Play 2016?
Find-a-Game and the GT Caddy Are Your Go-To Sources to Track Down 2016!

Here’s where things start to get interesting. And by interesting, I mean spectacular, fun, outstanding, wonderful, amazing and any other word along these lines you’d like to use to describe the launch of Golden Tee 2016.

Yes, on Monday, Golden Tee 2016 shipped. Starting on Tuesday, cabinets around the country will begin to be updated. Over the coming days and weeks, more and more cabinets will get the update, which also includes the all new keypad. You can’t miss it.

Now for the question you’ve been asking since you clicked on this link: How do you track down a 2016 cabinet?

The answer, of course, is quite simple: Make Find-a-Game your best friend these next few days and beyond.

Available on the GT Caddy—which you really, really need—along with LIVEWIRE, Find-a-Game allows you to search for Golden Tee cabinets near you. More specifically, it allows you to track where the nearest 2016 updates are in your vicinity.

The wonderful advantage of using it on the Caddy—which again, you really need—is that it also comes equipped with GPS. Find the 2016 location near you and have your phone take you to the doorstep.

On Tuesday, 2016 cabinets will begin popping up. They have already started. With that being said, please keep in mind that the process takes time—especially with the addition of the keypad. The majority of the games will be updated later on in the week. (We’re excited, you’re excited but stay patient as operators around the country do everything they can.)

Oh, and download the Caddy. Did we mention that? You can get it for your Apple or Android device, and trust us, again, when we say you’re going to love it and need it.

Happy 2016.


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