How To Play
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Player Score

Players can find their current score relative to par and total Shot Points in the bottom, center part of the screen. Shot Points will be awarded based on total distance away from the cup. Better, longer shots will award more points, while additional Rebound Bonuses will up your Shot Points as well. Rebound Bonuses will be awarded when a player banks a shot off of one or more barriers.

Player Score

Change Name

Change Name It's not just the appearance of your golfer that can be altered. Players also have the option to customize their first and last name that will be featured in online games.

When playing Stats Play or in a Daily Contest, hit the Start button and highlight and select Change Name. At the next screen you'll be asked to enter both names that will appear on the leaderboard. This name can be adjusted at any point during a LIVE game.

Casual play will ask players to enter their initials on the first hole of every game but will not have the ability to include a first and last name.

Hole Info

Hole Info

Located in the bottom left portion of the screen, this important graphic indicates what hole the player is currently on and the par for that hole. Pars will vary, and each course will feature par-2s, par-3s and par-4s.

How To Putt

How To Putt

The trackball controls the speed and direction of every shot in PowerPutt LIVE. The more force applied to the trackball, the quicker and further the golf ball will move.

The pullback (or backswing) direction has no effect on the shot, meaning it will impact only the power on that particular shot. The direction of the forward swing, on the other hand, will directly impact where the ball goes.

Rotate Golfer

Rotate Golfer

Not every putt in the game will just be full speed ahead, and hole-to-hole adjustments will have to be made in order to achieve success. By pressing and holding down the Left and Right buttons situated on the left side of the control panel, players can adjust the aim of their golfer. The longer these buttons are held, the more the aim will move. Try giving them a quick tap for short, finer movements.



Sometimes a different camera view can go a long way in planning how to attack a particular hole. By pressing and holding down the Overview button, players can get a glimpse of the current design from above. This can be very handy for longer holes, or multi-tiered greens.

Player Cards and Gift Cards

PowerPutt LIVE's card reader offers players a variety of easy-to-use benefits and features.

Use A Card To Identify Yourself
Swipe In Players can identify themselves and enter LIVE competitions by simply sliding their PowerPutt LIVE / Golden Tee / Silver Strike Bowler's Club Player Card or credit card when prompted at the start of a game. Similar to express ticket check-in kiosks at airports around the globe, the game will instantaneously recognize who you are, access your accounts, personalized characters and statistics within seconds. Use either a Player Card or a credit card – it's safe and secure. All sensitive information goes through a 128-byte encryption process and is heavily secured in compliance with SHA standards.

Have questions about your player card? Check out the Player Account FAQ! You can receive a free PowerPutt LIVE’s Club card when you register for a player account online. Register Here.

Use A Card To Pay
Use A Card To Pay When prompted to pay while starting a game you can select to pay with player account money using your Player Card or by using a PowerPutt, Golden Tee or Silver Strike Gift Card.

Gift Cards can be purchased right here. Just like at major retail stores, PowerPutt Gift Cards are charged up and debited until empty! Gift Cards make the perfect gift for any virtual mini-golfer.

Problems with your Gift Card or Gift Card order? Contact IT.

Customize Golfer

Players have the option to customize their golfer's gender, appearance and name while playing PowerPutt LIVE. Different clothing options are available in Casual, Stats Play and the Daily Contest and can be accessed and altered at any point in the game.

Customize Golfer If playing in a Stats or Daily Contest game, clothing items will now be awarded to those players who use a Player Card or credit card to identify themselves. Hundreds of different pants, shirts, headwear and shoes have been added to PowerPutt LIVE 2013 and they will be awarded based on the following achievements:

Every 5 Games
Every 30 Birdies
Every 20 Rebound Bonuses
Every 10 Eagles
Every 10 Holes-in-one

To update the look of your golfer, hit the options menu at any point during a game and select “Customize Golfer.” From there you'll be able to alter the look of your character with the items you've unlocked during play.

In Casual Play, players will still be able to control the look of their golfer with the Left, Right and Overview buttons. The Left button will change your golfer's shirt, the Right button will change his headwear and the Overview button will change his pants.

Shot Info

Shot Info

Keep track of shots and distance for the current hole. The Shot Info located in the bottom right of the screen will indicate how many shots have been taken and the total distance (in feet) a player is away from the pin.

Start / Options


The Start Button will serve a variety of different purposes on PowerPutt LIVE. First and foremost, it will allow the player to begin a game. When walking up to an idle game, hitting the Start button will prompt the first menu screen. Once the screen comes up, the Start button will also select preferences before a game begins such as: the amount of players, game type and course selection.

During the game, the Start button will prompt the Options menu to appear. With this you can: Customize your golfer, change your name, purchase a player card and more.

Game Modes


Feel like a quick and easy game and not worried about stats or playing online? Then this might be the mode for you. One to eight players can participate in Casual golf on PowerPutt LIVE. In Casual, players will have the option to pick their course, but they will not sign or swipe in when they play. After the first hole, each player will enter their initials.

18-hole and 9-hole play is available in this game mode.

Stats Play

Stats Play
Keep track of your games and monitor your stats while playing PowerPutt LIVE! In Stats Play, players sign in using their Player Card or Credit Card and by doing so will be able to monitor their play online at LIVEWIRE.

Scores, holes-in-one, Shot Points and other meaningful statistics will be tracked, and you'll be able to access averages and all-time bests by creating a Web Account. Up to eight players can compete in a Stats Play game at once, and both 18-hole and 9-hole games are available.

Bracket Play

Bracket Play
Want to decide a champion at your local establishment? PowerPutt LIVE's bracket play could be the perfect solution. Up to sixteen players can compete in this tournament mode, which is set in the golf-oriented "shotgun" format. For those unfamiliar, this means that each golfer will start their round on a different hole. Depending on the amount of players, there will be either two or three nine-hole rounds until a champion is crowned.

Daily Contests

Daily Contests
Compete against other mini-golfers around the country in PowerPutt LIVE 2013's Daily Contest! Each day a new tournament will be played on one of the five PowerPutt LIVE 2013 courses.

This course will be selected randomly, and players will be able to compete as many times as they'd like during that contest. A player's best score during this 24-hour stretch will be the one that counts, and it will be displayed on PowerPutt LIVE 2013's Daily Contest Leaderboard.

This online leaderboard will update once an hour and can be accessed through LIVEWIRE. Tournaments will open at 5:00 a.m. CDT and remain open until 5:00 a.m. CDT the following day.

At that point, the courses will change, the leaderboards will clear and a new contest will begin. The prize pool for the daily tournaments will begin at $100 with a $20 top prize. As more games are played, the prize pool will increase and each player to finish in the top fifty will win a percentage of the total purse. The payouts are as follows.


  • 1st: $20
  • 2nd: $10
  • 3rd: $8
  • 4th: $6
  • 5th: $5
  • 6th: $4
  • 7th: $3
  • 8th: $2
  • 9th-50th: $1

To compete in a Daily Contest, players will need to swipe their Player Cards or credit cards to identify themselves before the game begins. Up to four players can compete in the Daily Contest on the same PowerPutt LIVE 2013 cabinet.

For more information on setting up a Player Account or a Web Account, visit the Player Card section or the Player Account FAQ.

Poker Putt


Poker and mini-golf finally meet thanks to Poker Putt.

Once you opt-in before the game, you'll earn playing cards for every hole-in-one, eagle, or Great Shot hit throughout that round. The more outstanding shots you hit, the more cards you earn.

Collect cards in an individual game and improve your overall hand. Start with a pair and work your way up to the elusive royal flush. Beat your buddies in multiple ways and earn badges for the exceptional hands you receive!



Unlock special Achievement Badges for PowerPutt LIVE 2013 accomplishments.

Achievement Badges will be handed out for the moments worth remembering, whether it's a high score, a ridiculous amount of Shot Points, or an impressive hand in Poker Putt. Not only will you receive a badge, but your accomplishments will stay and rotate on the left side of the screen each and every time you play.

Get the recognition you deserve and celebrate your greatest accomplishments in style!