How to Redeem a Gift Card in GT PGA TOUR
Add a GC to your player account in the Caddy!

We gave out a LOT of Golden Tee Gift Cards on the PEGT Florida Open stream this weekend, and a couple of players were a bit unsure on how to redeem their winnings. So, we've decided to give you all a brief tutorial on how to add a gift card to your Player Account in the GT PGA TOUR Caddy app for Apple and Android devices.

Step 1: Open the GT PGA TOUR Caddy app on your smart device. Easy peasy.

Step 2: Tap the Wallet icon.

Step 3: Tap the "Redeem Gift Card" button located under your Wallet Balances.

Step 4: Enter your Gift Card code and tap the "Redeem" button. BOOM! That's it! You're ready to enjoy the fruits of your gift card!

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