Skill Bracket

Skill Bracket

Skill Bracket What is a Skill Bracket?
Golden Tee LIVE competition can be fierce. But with Skill Brackets, Prize and Online Contest play aren't just for the best of the best anymore. Now everyone can win! INCLUDING YOU!

These brackets mix LIVE players into contests according to skill-based factors and encourage all players to participate in both Prize and Online contests. The factors that are used to determine bracket placement vary and are adjusted from time to time to ensure a balanced player mix.


  • Compete against players of like skill in three brackets, Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • Perform well in one and you'll move up to the next. If Gold is too tough, you'll move to a different level
  • All brackets play from gold (random) tee boxes in Prize play
  • Give it a try, you'll be surprised at what scores win cash!


  • Play only those in your skill bracket
  • Depending on your skill bracket, play from either the Red, Blue or Black tee zones

Players should be advised that in any given Online or Prize contest, players of a wide variety of skill levels may participate, even with the use of skill brackets and prize divisions.