What is GT

What is Golden Tee?

Golden Tee Fade In Golden Tee 2017, we changed the landscape of the game by introducing Player Invitationals. With 2018, we kicked the door in on that mode and introduced the ability to challenge your friends for up to $1000!

With our 30th anniversary, we're just getting started with revolutionary game-changers! Another seven new courses; five original creations and two re-imagined GT Fore! Courses that will be time-released in 2019.

In November, we're introducing Events Mode. Call it a playground, call it a sandbox, call it whatever you want, but we're taking chances with this new form of prize play mode.

Events Mode is where we can customize daily and weekly prize play contests to have certain types of wind, casual tee boxes, smaller contests, bigger prizes and even the chance to play a round of 18 with only 3 clubs!

Oh, and that World Championship that we hold every year with thousands and thousands of dollars up for grabs in Las Vegas? Our qualifier for Worlds will take place here as well and it will be bigger than ever!

With 2019, PGA legend John Daly joins the game and you can either golf as him or play against him and his team of 8 golfers in Real Time Rivals mode! You and up to two friends can challenge a computer rival in three different divisions: bronze, silver and gold. Good luck, friends!