Hole-n-Win Rules

Hole-n-Win Official Rules

PLEASE NOTE: Hole-n-Win is offered as an optional challenge of skill by Incredible Technologies, Inc. ("IT.") Participants are responsible for choosing to play and for making sure their participation is legal in their own jurisdictions. Void where prohibited.

        1. You, the "Player," are being offered the chance to use your skill to win a prize. To participate, you pay the Entry Fee as set forth on the Offer Screen, which allows you to play and signifies your acceptance of and agreement with these Official Rules. You will then attempt to use the controls of the machine to hit a simulated hole-in-one. If you engage the controls of the machine in such a way that the simulated ball goes into the simulated hole, as determined solely by your skillful manipulation of those controls, you will win the prize set forth on the Offer Screen.
        2. If you are successful, the game will attempt to communicate your success to IT so you can receive your prize.
        3. Participants and potential participants understand and agree that only those players who have identified themselves by "checking in" to the game by swiping a card or using the keypad are eligible to receive offers to play Hole-n-Win, and that it will not be offered on every hole or in every game whether or not a player has checked in.
        4. IT is not responsible for communications errors, mechanical problems, human error, or any other factor which prevents IT’s being notified of a Player's success.
        5. Your prize will be paid to your Player Wallet, which will be the Player Wallet which corresponds to the card you use to check in. If you have not established a player account online, you should do so and link it to the card you use to check in when you play Hole-n-Win. You can contact IT at http://www.goldentee.com or 847-870-7027 if you need help establishing or using a Player Wallet.
        6. By clicking "TRY IT", or other relevant wording and/or controls on the Game, Players understand and agree that:
          1. If due to communication error or other mechanical problem, IT is not notified by the game that they successfully played, their sole remedy for this or any other complaint regarding Hole-n-Win will be the refund of their entry fee to their Player Wallet.
          2. That it is the Player's responsibility to ensure that they are within all legal requirements to participate in Hole-n-Win and that if they are not, IT is not liable for any problems they may encounter as a result of having participated.
          3. They warrant that they are legal adults at least 18 years of age and in all other ways eligible to participate in Hole-n-Win.
          4. These Official Rules shall govern the conduct of Hole-n-Win, and that they shall be subject to the reasonable interpretation of IT, whose judgment shall be final.
          5. In the event of a dispute, the law of the state of Illinois shall govern, exclusive of any choice-of-law provisions, and that any legal action must be brought in the state of Illinois. Players expressly agree to the jurisdiction of the courts of the state of Illinois in this matter.