The Game

Golden Tee Golf for Apple and Android

Golden Tee Golf is a free-to-play game for Apple and Android devices that launched on October 28th!

Four Featured Game Modes

Six Nine-Hole Launch Courses: Players will play spectacular courses around the globe. Regular course additions are planned after launch.

Club Upgrades: Players will be able to upgrade clubs as they progress and purchase extra clubs that offer situational advantages. Equipment Boosts are also available.

Golf Balls and Tees: From Backspin to Roll to the extremes, players can change their strategy on each shot with the various golf options at their fingertips. Users can also powerup their shots even more with Gold, Silver and Bronze tees.

Player Customization: Embrace your inner golf pro or outfit your golfer in electric, colorful wardrobes? Daily and weekly clothing options are offered that allow players to embrace their inner character.