What's New: 2013

5 New Courses!

Take a trip to a haunted house, get lost in Vegas, travel back in time to the Middle Ages, enjoy the sights and scenes of a wild safari, and dive deep down into a gold mine. PowerPutt LIVE 2013 features five new mini-golf masterpieces, all of which are unique in their own way.

The total course library is now at a jam-packed 11. All of these can be mastered on a PowerPutt LIVE 2013 game, giving you more variety than ever before.

For more on the course lineup, check out the PowerPutt LIVE courses page.

5 New Courses

Poker Putt!

The game within the game!

Your truly outstanding shots and holes will now come with added rewards. Poker Putt makes its PowerPutt debut, and you'll earn playing cards for every hole-in-one, eagle, or Great Shot.

Collect cards in an individual game and improve your overall hand. Start with a pair and work your way up to the elusive royal flush. Beat your buddies in multiple ways and earn badges for the exceptional hands you receive.

May the best hand win!

Poker Putt!

Earn Clothing, Customize Your Golfer!

Long gone are the days of limited wardrobe options. In PowerPutt LIVE 2013, players can earn hundreds of different clothing items while participating in online game modes.

Identify yourself with a credit card or Player Card and you'll have access to headwear, shoes, pants and shirts.

You'll win one clothing item for every 5 games, every 30 birdies, every 20 rebounds, every 10 eagles, and every 10 holes-in-one. The more you play, the more you unlock. Believe us, you'll be busy for a while if you plan to unlock them all.

Customize your golfer just the way you like him. From an astronaut to a sharply dressed putt-putt pro, the options are all yours!

Customize Your Golfer

The Debut of Achievement Badges!

Although your greatest PowerPutt LIVE moments can be accessed online through your Web Account, now you can wear the truly outstanding accomplishments on your sleeve.

Achievement Badges will be handed out for the moments worth remembering, whether it's a high score, a ridiculous amount of Great Shot Points, or an impressive hand in Poker Putt. Not only will you receive a badge, but your accomplishments will stay and rotate on the left side of the screen each and every time you play.

Get the recognition you deserve and celebrate your greatest accomplishments in style!

Achievement Badges

The Return of RawTalk™!

Jack "Putter" Thompson is back as commentator, although you've never heard him like this.

Unedited, adult and downright ridiculous commentary has been added to PowerPutt LIVE 2013, and we promise you're in for a treat. If your location can handle the best (and worst) that Putter Thompson has to offer, talk to your location or game owner about unlocking this fascinating audio addition.

Better get those "earmuffs" ready, just in case.


Daily Contest Exclusive Pins!

More looks than ever before. If you participate in the Daily Contest, you'll see pin placements and setups exclusive to those who opt-in and play for prizes.

Think you have it mastered? Not so fast, my friend.

Participate in the Daily Contest as many times as you'd like in a given day and see where you stack up on the Daily Contest Leaderboard.

Exclusive Pins