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PowerPutt LIVE 2013

Lost Vegas - The Vegas experience you know so well, not the one on the brochure. Lost Vegas has some familiar sights—like a slot machine that can be quite the obstruction—but it also dives into some of the finer aspects of this great city. Martini shakers, dancers and even lit cigarettes can be found throughout Lost Vegas, giving it that authentic, familiar feel. Forget about trips to the ATM, although hopefully luck is still on your side.

Safari River - Into the wild we go for a mini-golfing experience filled with surprises. Animals can be seen moving in and around Safari River, and you won't miss the lion taking a snooze on a nearby safari car. On-point timing will be a must here, whether you're trying to squeeze past a moving tribal mask or send your ball sailing off a surfacing hippo's backside. Venturing too far off the path will cost you strokes and who knows what else.

Miner 49'er - If you've ever panned tirelessly for gold, Miner 49'er will feel right at home. If not, you're about to experience a taste of the intricate process. From the tools to the drop below the surface—and it is quite the drop—this is a gold rush captured in 18 mini-golf holes. Don't mind the dynamite sitting dormant, and don't let the gold near the finish line derail your game. Keep your eye on the putt-putt prize!

Haunted Hills - From the graveyard to the rooftop of the mysterious mansion, Haunted Hills takes players on a journey around, into, below and on top of an active haunted house. Skeletons and bats will each serve as obstacles in motion early on, although this will get even more interesting as you progress on this ghostly journey. There's nothing to fear; except for the dreaded crooked number on the scorecard.

Camelot - Have you ever wanted to send a golf ball sailing over a moat courtesy of drawbridge? Of course you have, and Camelot is here to make this possible. Castles, catapults, and a medieval feel; take a trip in a time machine to a distant world filled with character. The stone boundaries and long staircases provide unique paths to the cup, but be sure to avoid the executioner and his moving ax.

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Roadside 66 - It's just you and the open road…and an antique mini-golf masterpiece. From diners to nearby drive-ins, Roadside 66 is loaded with character and the unique objects on and around the course creates an entertaining ride from start to finish. It's the cross-country road trip you've always wanted to make without your pesky siblings yelling in the backseat!

Bigfoot Bend - The rugged scene of Bigfoot Bend takes golfers deep into a wooded forest. Streams, trees and nature's most incredible creations are what this design is all about. And while you maneuver over and through each log and around each perfectly placed hazard, Bigfoot can be seen in the distance taking a leisurely stroll. This truly is the great outdoors.

King Putt's Tomb - Exceptional architecture makes for electrifying mini-golf, and King Putt's Tomb features the best obstacles that Egypt has to offer. Whether you're hitting through a sphinx or up a pyramid, the desert delight is filled with character. Although water is scarce, the small amounts located throughout the course will certainly impact your play. You won't need a PhD in hieroglyphics to master this sandy sensation.


Dusty Trail - Mini-golf meets the Wild West, and there's a new sheriff in town! From saloons to the deathly gallows, this course has the Western flavor to test an itchy trigger finger, or in this instance, a shaky putting stroke. You'll go over canyons, under boot spurs and off tombstones in your quest. Pull up a chair, leave the bottle and get ready for the duel of a lifetime.

Skull Island - Are you resigned to walking the plank or interested in discovering the magnificent treasures Skull Island has to offer? Your journey, if you choose to make it, will take you through massive pirate ships, past a colossal squid and even through a massive cannon. You won't need a map to get from start to finish, although you'll want to avoid the treacherous seas and stay on solid ground. Ahoy, matey.

The Freaky Tiki - If you'd prefer your putt-putt to be intertwined with a little taste of nightlife, then you've come to the right place. The Freaky Tiki is a party, and it's also the only course in PowerPutt where you'll find hot lava situated around the course. Although the bubbling surface is appealing on the eye, it's not as nice on your scorecard. Hula girls, tiki statues and rings of fire - what else do you need?

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