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In Silver Strike LIVE there are three different bowling lanes to get your game on! While they play exactly the same, each will take on a much different feel. Whether you're given a lane randomly in Prize Play or choose one on your own – here's what you can expect on the brand new lanes in Silver Strike LIVE!

Score-Hi Lanes Score-Hi Lanes Take a trip back in the ol' time machine and visit Score-Hi Lanes! This Silver Strike throwback has the aura of a classic alley in the 1940s. No automatic score kept here – just a timeless scene highlighted by the distinct bowling pins!

Metro Lanes Metro Lanes Think city, think urban, think hip. Metro lanes provides the ideal spot for the bowler looking to avoid families and throw back a beer or two with his buddies. The brick walls and unique design highlight this SS lane as one-of-a-kind.

Kingpin's Lounge Kingpin's Lounge This isn't your average bowling alley. An apple martini drinker will likely fit in better than the Beer-chugging Joe at Kingpin's Lounge. The velvet walls and unmistakable colors make this place unlike any other. Even the pins look expensive!

How to Bowl

Silver Strike Bowling utilizes the acclaimed trackball-control system made famous by Incredible Technologies' pop-culture favorite, Golden Tee Golf. Just like GT, a simple hand motion rolling the trackball backward, then forward brings the on-screen character to life.

How To Bowl

Here's what you need to do!

  • Choose your ball weight OR rent a customized bowling ball! For more information on the customized balls in Silver Strike LIVE, check out the Customize Your Ball section.
  • Aim by moving your bowler Left or Right with the trackball. Use the Overhead Button to reference lane boards and dots and be precise with your shot.
  • Rotate your bowler with the Left or Right buttons if desired. This will angle your bowler in different directions.
  • Once aimed, roll the trackball back underneath your palm or with your thumbs. This triggers the bowler's backswing.
  • Next, roll the trackball forward with your palm or thumbs to throw your ball down the lane.

It's as simple as that!

Your ball speed will vary depending on how much force you apply to the trackball. There's also a limit to how hard you can hit the ball. Throw your shot too hard and you will be penalized with an OVERHIT foul!

Rotate Bowler

Rotate Bowler

Silver Strike Bowling allows players to change the angle of their bowler while they're setting up a ball! This feature can be useful when picking up tricky spares or trying new combinations of curve and speed. The perfect way to be precise in choosing where you want to throw the ball!

To Rotate Your Bowler: Press the Left Button to rotate left or the Right Button to rotate right prior to rolling the ball. To reset your bowler, press any button on the right side of the control panel.

Rotate Camera

Silver Strike Bowling offers players the ability to control unique camera angles throughout game play. These camera views can be beneficial to bowlers when lining up their shot, as well as viewing the ball's approach to the pins.

Rotate Camera

Lining Up a Shot: SSB players are given the ability to use an Overhead View while lining up their shot. While setting up, hold down the Overhead Button to view the lane boards and dots. Find a spot and shot that works for you and you can be on your way to consistent shooting!

During a Roll: Bowlers have the ability to view different Camera Angles and watch pin impact in Slow Motion. Press the Left, Right and Overhead Buttons to toggle through different camera angles as the ball is approaching the pins. Watch them fall down just the way you want!

Press the Slow Motion button while the ball is approaching the pins and watch the pins fly in slow-mo! All these camera views are also available when viewing a Replay.

Adjust Volume: To adjust the volume, hold down the Overhead button and use the Change Ball and Start buttons to decrease and increase volume.

Player Cards and Gift Cards

Silver Strike LIVE's card reader offers players a variety of easy-to-use benefits and features.

Use A Card To Identify Yourself
Use A Card To Identify Yourself Players can identify themselves and enter LIVE competitions by simply sliding their Silver Strike Bowler's Club / Golden Tee / PowerPutt LIVE Player Card or credit card when prompted at the start of a game. Similar to express ticket check-in kiosks at airports around the globe, the game will instantaneously recognize who you are, access your accounts, personalized characters and statistics within seconds. Use either a Player Card or a credit card – it's safe and secure. All sensitive information goes through a 128-byte encryption process and is heavily secured in compliance with SHA standards.

Have questions about your player card? Check out the Player Account FAQ! You can receive a free Silver Strike Bowler’s Club card when you register for a player account online. Register Here

Use A Card To Pay
When prompted to pay while starting a game you can select to pay with player account money using your Player Card or by using a Silver Strike or Golden Tee Gift Card.

Gift Cards can be purchased right here. Just like at major retail stores, SS Gift Cards are charged up and debited until empty! Gift Cards make the perfect gift for any virtual bowling fan.

Problems with your Gift Card or Gift Card order? Contact IT.

Slow Motion

Slow Motion

To capture the ultimate suspense while playing Silver Strike LIVE, the option to use slow motion during game play as well as instant replays is at your fingertips!

Just hit the Slow Motion Button at any point during your throw or replay and the game will go into slow-mo as it gets closer to making contact with the pins. Now you can watch your attempts at nailing the 7-10 up close and in slow motion! Oh the drama!

Choose Ball

Choose Ball

Before throwing a shot, a player will have the option to select which ball he'd like to use on that given throw. If a player is only using the "House Ball", aka the default bowling ball, he will be able to choose what weight he'd like to use on that given shot. Balls range from 12 to 16 pounds.

If a player does have one or more customized bowling balls rented, he will be able to cycle through all these bowling balls by hitting this button. He can use whichever ball he'd like for each throw.

NOTE: Once a player throws a ball one time during a game, it will be counted as a full-game rental. Keep this in mind when renting and planning which balls you'd like to use! Find out more information on these bowling balls at the Customize Balls page.


Badges Throughout a game on Silver Strike LIVE, players will see badges in the top right portion of the screen, showing off some of their greatest achievements they've earned while playing. High score, high series, most consecutive strikes, impressive spare pickups, and even legendary hands from Vegas bowling will all show up before a player rolls their first ball for that given frame.

Pin Count

Pin Count The Pin Count will come up on the second ball of each frame in a regular game and every throw while playing Spare Challenge. The pins highlighted in white indicate which ones are still standing after your first throw. This is very helpful in planning your strategy and also helps identify pins that might be hidden from plain sight.



By hitting the Start button at any point during a throw, you will automatically see an Instant Replay after that shot concludes. This replay will occur regardless of whether it's the 1st or 2nd throw and no matter how many pins you knock down. You can also control the cameras on the replay by using the Left, Right, and Overhead Buttons. Using the Replay can be a valuable tool to adjust your throwing style and speed going forward.



The Options Button or Start Button can be hit at an point during the game. This will bring up the Options Menu, which will provide you with the following items.

  • Customize: Change your bowler's throwing hand, sex, look, and clothing.
  • Equipment: Rent customized bowling balls and set your current bag for that game.
  • Change Personal Info: Adjust your leaderboard name.
  • Buy Bowlers Card: Purchase a new Silver Strike Bowlers Club Card.
  • Player Quit: Quit out of your current game.
  • Return To Game: Leave the Options Menu and continue bowling.

Game Modes

Casual Bowling Casual Bowling Just bowl! Play Silver Strike without swiping in. Because of this you won't be able to customize your bowler, use customized bowling equipment, win prizes, or keep track of stats while you play. Still, this is the perfect mode for someone looking to get a feel of the game.

Stats Bowling Stats Bowling Play the game just the way you like it! Keep track of your bowling and Spare Challenge averages, customize your bowler, use custom bowling balls, and get all the joys of online play! If you don't want to compete in Prize Play contests but still want all the LIVE experience – Stats Bowling is the perfect way to play!

Prize Contest Prize Contest For the first time ever, you can win money playing Silver Strike Bowling! Players will be able to compete for prizes in a Classic 10-frame game of bowling.

Pay an extra dollar and compete against twenty-five other players in a LIVE online tournament! Win $6 for finishing first and $1 for finishing 12th. Finish out of the top twelve and you'll still be rewarded a virtual bowling ball!


  • 1st: $6.00
  • 2nd: $4.00
  • 3rd: $3.00
  • 4th: $2.00
  • 5th-8th: $1.50
  • 9th-12th: $1.00
  • 13th-25th: Virtual Ball

Game Types

Classic Bowling
Classic Bowling

Classic is the traditional 10-frame bowling format where each frame represents one turn for the bowler, and in each turn the player is allowed to roll the ball twice. If the bowler knocks down all the pins in the first roll it's considered a strike. If any pins remain, the bowler attempts to knock them down with a second roll. If they succeed, it's called a spare; any pins remaining denote an open frame. If the frame is left open, the bowler receives a score equivalent to the number of pins knocked down. If a spare is made, a slash mark is recorded in the right-hand corner of the frame and no score is recorded until the first ball is rolled in the next frame. After it's rolled, the bowler receives credit for the number of pins knocked down, plus 10. If a bowler gets a strike, an X is recorded in the box and the player receives a score of 10 plus the total pins knocked down in the next two rolls. There are a total of 120 pins a bowler can knock down in one game, making a maximum score of 300.

  • Single Game: Players participate in only one game of bowling. This is the case for all Classic Game Prize Contests.
  • Three-Game Series: The ultimate consistency test. Bowlers roll three consecutive games and add up their scores to get their total three-game score.
Vegas Bowling
Vegas Bowling

Vegas Bowling debuted in Silver Strike Bowling and is featured again in Silver Strike LIVE. Over the years, Vegas Bowling has established itself as quite possibly the most popular game choice. Using the exact set of rules as Classic Bowling, Vegas Bowling adds a second level of competition by giving bowlers playing cards every time a mark (spare or strike) is made. After the players view the score sheet, a second sheet appears showing who currently has the best 5-card poker hand!

Vegas Bowling is automatically enabled during Prize Contests but can be turned off by hitting the Options Button. Players selecting Casual or Stats Play can select Vegas Bowling once they decide they want to play Classic Bowling.

Spare Challenge
Spare Challenge

Spare Challenge is a new game mode on Silver Strike LIVE that takes the art of picking up spares to a whole new level. Players will participate in a typical ten-frame game, but they will only throw the second ball, hence trying to pick up ten different spares. Regardless of whether a player picks up all the remaining pins in a given frame or not, they will move onto the next frame with an entirely new setup. These spare setups are random but typically start off easier and get more challenging as the game progresses.

At the end of the game, a player will receive a "x2 Bonus" and their score will automatically double to give them their final Spare Challenge amount. This means that a final score of 125 would actually equate to 250. Like Classic Bowling, the top overall score including the x2 Bonus a player can receive is still 300.

Red Pin Roll-N-Win

Red Pin Roll-N-Win

Close out with a bang. At the end of each online game of Silver Strike LIVE, players will have the opportunity to put in $.50 before they begin the 10th frame.

If they hit two consecutive strikes, they will win $1.00. Three consecutive strikes will net them $3.00. All winnings will then be directly deposited into their Player Account.

This feature is available in single games or online three-game series but not available in Spare Challenge.

Customize Your Bowler

Silver Strike LIVE offers players the ability to customize their on-screen character! Players can select their ideal throwing hand, gender, face, and apparel to match their personalities and look good on the virtual bowling alleys!

How to Customize Your Bowler
Customize Your Bowler Press the "Options" button at anytime during a game and select "Customize."

Next, select the attribute you'd like to customize by highlighting and selecting one of the following:

  • Lefty/Righty: Select your throwing hand.
  • Gender: Choose from a male or female character.
  • Face: Pick one of six faces to be your bowler.
  • Shirt: Select a shirt that fits you. From stylish to downright nuts!
  • Bottoms: Pants, shorts, and skirts that suit you!
  • Headwear: Choose from hats, helmets, masks, and much more!

Earning New Clothing Items
The more you play, the more you get! Players can earn and unlock new clothing items by hitting various in-game milestones! There are more than 100 clothing items to unlock, and you never know what you're going to get! You'll get a new shirt, bottoms, or headwear item every tenth game, every fiftieth strike and every hundredth spare.

For special skill-based achievements, players will earn clothing items that they'll be able to sport to impress their friends! You can only unlock these items by accomplishing one of the following: Bowl a 300-game, convert on a 7-10 split or convert on a 4-6-7-10 split (aka the Big Four).

Customize Your Bowler Options

Customize Your Ball

Customize Your Ball

To rent or purchase a bowling ball, hit the options button at any point during a game and highlight and select "Equipment." From here, select "Rent/Buy Ball."

Once you've selected Rent/Buy Ball, you'll then be given the option to choose a ball style. There are dozens of styles to select from and plenty of creative and colorful offerings! Find the style you like and select it. You'll then be asked to choose the ideal weight of that bowling ball. 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16-pound balls are available.

After selecting your ideal weight, you'll be asked to choose a hook style for that given ball. There are three separate hook styles to select from, (Even Arc, Late Break Hook and Early Break Hook), all of which can help depending on your bowling style or tendencies.

Players will then be asked if they'd like to rent or purchase the ball. Bowling balls can be rented for one game ($.25), ten games ($1.00) or purchased ($2.00). If you purchase a bowling ball, you'll have it in your virtual bowling collection for good. Once the player has their bowling ball just the way they like it, they'll then be able to check out and rent/buy their ball using cash, gift card money, or money they have in their Player Account.

Finally, place this ball in your bowling bag. Players have five available spots for bowling balls when playing Silver Strike LIVE. After placing your ball in your bowling bag, you're ready to bowl with your personalized bowling ball!

NOTE: Once you use a ball one time during a single game your remaining rental quantities will be reduced by one, regardless of the frame.

Customize Your Ball Options