Golden Tees

Golden Tees

The game of Golden Tee has officially changed thanks to the addition of Golden Tees. Golden Tees debuted in GT 2011 and give players the ability to control their tee shots for the first time in Golden Tee history. Now, the player has been given more options than ever before. And since Golden Tee 2017, players have had the ability to use Golden Tees in Closest-to-the-Pin LIVE Prize Contests!

Purchasing Golden Tees
Purchasing Golden Tees All Golden Tees may be purchased anytime during gameplay before any shot. To purchase Golden Tees simply highlight and select "Equipment Setup" followed by "Buy Golden Tees." From here players will be given the option to purchase 10 Golden Tees for $.50, 25 Golden Tees for $1.00, or 60 Golden Tees for $2.00. Don't ever run out of tees in the middle of a round thanks to the addition of our auto-refill feature, which can be accessed and turned on in our GT Caddy app!

Once purchased, players will have the option to use a Golden Tee on any tee boxes on all courses! The amount of Golden Tees a player has available can be seen just to the left the selected club on the right side of the screen. Each Golden Tee can be used only once and your available total will update automatically once a tee has been used. They are available for purchase on the GT Caddy, on LIVEWIRE or on the game.

Placing Golden Tees
Placing Golden Tees To utilize a Golden Tee, hit the "Start" button at any point on a tee box. You will then be given the option to adjust your tee placement on that given tee box – left, right, or back in a rectangular area. Once you find your ideal placement for that particular shot, hit the start button once again to verify the placement.

If you decide against using a Golden Tee at this point, hit the "Fly-By" button before placing the tee to cancel. Your total Golden Tees available will not be impacted if you cancel the tee before placing one.

After placing a tee, you will then have the option to adjust the height of the tee. You can tee the ball high, low, or keep it the same height, aka medium. You can adjust the height of the tee by hitting the "Start" button until you have the ideal height selected for that shot.

Using Golden Tees
Using Golden Tees Depending on the height of the tee, your ball flight and spin will both be impacted by how you tee the ball. Here's a brief rundown on how your ball will travel and react with each.

High Tees: The ball will travel higher, carry further, and be in the air a lot longer. Because the tee is high, however, the ball won't spin nearly as much. This is something to be aware of when using a high tee on shots onto the green on drivable par-4s and par-3s. High tees are particularly useful when you need to clear obstacles or need extra carry on tee shots.

Low Tees: Tee shots will travel lower and stay much closer to the ground. When the ball is teed low, both forward and backspin will increase a significant amount. This means you'll get more roll on your drives and shots onto the green will rip backwards with greater force. Low tees are particularly useful when hitting under certain objects or dealing with high winds.