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  • Shatter Your Scorecard
    We're Breaking the Scoreboard (Again) on the Daily Contest This Friday!
  • Freaky Friday Invitationals
    Freaky Friday courses are now available in the latest Caddy update!
  • Playing as the Champ
    See the process it takes to get the World Champ's face in the game!
  • Epic Month Week 3
    A 490 yard drive on Juniper Falls wins last week's prize
  • My Bonessss
    Make sure you keep Fido away from our next putter
  • Buried Treasure
    Our Putter-a-Day Series Carries Onward; Here is Heavy Metal!
  • The Champ Gets Freaky
    Do You Have What it Takes to Take Mark Stenmark's Brutes McGutes Challenge?
  • Introducing Bender
    Our friendly robot putter joins GT 2018
  • Two New Ways to Play
    Golden Tee 2018 Will Welcome New Technology and New Golf Balls!
  • Epic Month Week 2
    A 469 yard drive on Heather Pointe wins last week's prize
  • Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3
    Our Latest Putter Reveal for Golden Tee 2018 Takes Center Stage
  • Putter a Day: Drip-drop
    No need to call the plumber to fix this leak!
  • The ABCs and 123s of GT
    DAH winner Dave Rhoades’ Freaky Friday creation is tomorrow!
  • Stand clear of the batter's box
    Our Latest Putter Reveal for 2018 is a bit hardcore
  • Summer Swing heads to the Main Event
    Our 20 finalists are set and they are competing for a free 2018 update and more!
  • Snakes on a Green
    Our Latest Putter Reveal for 2018 is Both Amazing and Terrifying
  • Play Like a Champion
    Introducing Mark Stenmark's Club Set That Will Be Available on Golden Tee 2018
  • Hot Dog on a Stick
    Let us Celebrate Our Latest Putter Reveal Around the Campfire, Shall We?
  • Kicking off our Callaway Epic Month
    475 yards is the first winner of our month-long long drive contest!
  • A Club for the Mighty
    In 2018, Choose the Proper Weapon to Tackle Tough Greens
  • Time to get Freaky!
    A Freaky Friday inspired design is now available in the shop!
  • Putter a Day: My First Putter
    Our 2018 Custom Putter Reveal Take a Trip Back to Your Childhood
  • The Set That Was Designed For YOU!
    Introducing the First of Two New Club Sets Coming in Golden Tee 2018
  • Putter-a-Day: Say Go Thigh-High
    In 2018, Be Sure to Get a Leg Up on Your Competition
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