The New GT LIVE Caddy App
Recent app update brings new look to the ultimate GT companion app!

The updated GT Caddy App has recently started hitting Apple and Google devices.

Now being referenced as the GT LIVE Caddy, this is a massive update for the app, as the backend and UI are now aligned more closely with the GT PGA TOUR Caddy App.

One of the changes you may notice is that only Caddy Coins are now able to be purchased in this new version of the app. Just like the GT PGA TOUR Caddy, these coins can be used to purchase items like gear or equipment IN THE APP ONLY. 

Caddy coins do not allow you to pay for games at a GT cabinet!

The reason Caddy Coins can only be used inside the app is to comply with Apple and Google App Store changes regarding in-app purchases and thus removes the ability to add credit card funds to your Player Wallet directly from the app.

Please understand that this is not something we wanted to do.  Just like all of you, we know the importance of quick and easy access to adding funds directly to the player wallet.  If Store policies change, we will make adjustments to bring this feature back to the app.

Rest assured, you can still add funds to your player wallet, you just need to log in to the website at this link in order to do that.

Please note that some players have had the same player account and LIVEWIRE / Caddy username for over ten years.  Some of you may also have more than one player account registered to the same email. 

If you are having issues remembering your username or password and are having trouble resetting it online, please contact us using this link and our Customer Service team will help you as soon as possible.

Download for iOS

Download for Android

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