Player Account Auto-Reload is coming!
Stay flush with GT credits with this exciting new feature!

When changes to Apple and Google's App Store policies tightened the reigns on purchases made outside of their respective marketplaces, we found ourselves in a tough position. Players had grown accustomed to the convenience of adding funds to their Golden Tee Player Wallet via the GT Caddy app, and all was well in the world of fantasy golf. Unfortunately, the new payment policies made this feature something that wasn't economically viable for Incredible Technologies, and it was ultimately removed. The rest is history...until now.

Introducing Player Account Auto-Reload, a new quality-of-life feature coming to Golden Tee PGA TOUR and Golden Tee LIVE in the 2023/2024 update!

With a single visit to LIVEWIRE, players will be able to set their preferred top-up amount ($25, $50, or $100). When their Player Wallet reaches or falls below the $20 balance threshold, their Player Wallet will automatically top-up!

We're incredibly excited to deliver this feature to players as a part of the 2023/2024 update, and we're sure this quality-of-life improvement will make your GT career just a little bit easier to manage!

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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