What Is PP

What is PowerPutt?

Very few things remain entertaining from child to adulthood. You grow out of them, develop new passions and stray away from what once made them great. Mini-golf, however, is a massive exception to this rule. It's timeless and the game's staying power is something unrivaled by most activities.

It was this premise that brought on the debut of PowerPutt in 2008. Incredible Technologies had plenty of experience in the world of golf via Golden Tee, but mini-golf was a new endeavor.

PowerPutt launched in the fall of '08 with three unique 18-hole courses. The game soon developed a very cult-like following and pockets of players swarmed to PowerPutt locations to experience the combination of entertainment and competition.

Now, the game's all grown up.

PowerPutt LIVE launched in the spring of 2012 and took the entertainment and competition to another level with online play and three all-new courses. In March of 2013, the bar was once again raised with the launch of PowerPutt LIVE 2013.

PowerPutt LIVE

With this update, the course library nearly doubled. There are now 11 unique mini-golf courses overall, all varying greatly in location and style. And while online play launched with PowerPutt LIVE, PowerPutt LIVE 2013 is all about the player.

Clothing and Achievement Badges have been added—along with the new game mode Poker Putt—to create the most jam-packed update yet. RawTalk™ made its PowerPutt debut, bringing the option of crude and unedited commentary to the golf course.

The addition of exclusive Daily Contest pins gives new gameplay experiences for those mini-golfers ready to take on the rest of the nation for cash prizes.

A game with incredible depth got that much deeper.

The local competition is still as strong as ever, but now the game has been taken to an entirely different level. Whether you're looking to be the champion at the local establishment, beat an all-time best and earn a badge celebrating your score, or claim PowerPutt fame by taking the top spot in a Daily Contest, PowerPutt LIVE 2013 highlights the fun, competitive spirit that makes mini-golf great.

PowerPutt LIVE – Putt Up or Shut Up!