Golden Tee Mobile Fight Club Rules/Payouts
THe Golden Tee Mobile Fight Club starts Monday, October 5th!

The Golden Tee Mobile Fight Club is starting in just a few days! The Fight Club will challenge players that are in the same weight class for a reward of bragging rights and Gold Bars! On Monday, October 5, 2020, the Fight Club tournament will open for all players. Below is everything you need to know about the Fight Club including rules, payouts, and a video preview from Adam Kramer! Are you playing Golden Tee for Apple & Android devices? Download it now for Apple and Android devices!

What is Golden Tee Fight Club?

The first Golden Tee Fight Club will begin on October 5th, 2020. The qualifier period will run from noon central from October 5th to noon US central on October 11th. Players of all levels will be able to join and compete against other players in their bracket, which will lock at the start of the event. Golden Tee Fight Club is free to enter.

Golden Tee Fight Club is a tournament series that focuses on pitting players across various weight classes (aka brackets) against one another. The in-game level system is broken down into five divisions, and each player will only compete against players in their division.

The open qualifier period will last for six days. During this qualifier, players will compete on random courses with varying conditions that will be adjusted depending on the division. Players can participate in 10 games per day. The top 20 games for those six days will be averaged and ranked. At the end of the six days, the top 100 from each weight class will move into the Fight Club Blitz. Players who level above their current weight class will remain in the weight class they started with until next Fight Club.

Adam Kramer shows you a preview of how the Golden Tee Mobile Fight Club will run.

What is the Blitz?

The Fight Club Blitz will take place from noon central on October 12th to noon central on October 13th.

The top 100 players who qualify from each division will be placed into an one-day qualifier. Players will have the ability to play 10 games across 24 hours. Their best five games will count toward a total average score. Great Shot Points will be the tiebreaker.

All players that make the top 100 from each weight class will earn gold (payments below). The top eight players from each weight class will then be put into a single-elimination bracket to crown a Fight Club champion of each division.

What is at stake?

Incredible Technologies will be giving away over 110,000 gold bars for the first installment of Fight Club! This is not a fixed number moving forward. The more you play, the more the pool will grow in future events.

We will also create content based around these matches across all divisions as well as pairing the grand finals of each division with a live broadcast. The qualifiers will set the field, the top 100 players who make it into the blitz will receive an amount of gold bars to be dictated by the blitz and the top-eight bracket to follow. The top eight players will battle it out for glory to see who will be crowned the champion of their division. Only the heavyweight champion will retain their status as champion for future Fight Club tournaments.

Gold Bar payouts increased on 10.19.2020!

Divisions by level:

  • Flyweight Division- Level 1-12
  • Featherweight division- Level 13-19
  • Middleweight division- Level 20-29
  • Cruiserweight division- Level 30-39
  • Heavyweight division- Level 40-49

Where can I find results and watch matches?

Golden Tee’s social media accounts will keep you up to speed with all the action and will be the platform to view matches and the live fight club broadcast. You can also access content at

A message about fair play

If Incredible Technologies suspects any foul play during matches the players in violation will be banned from the event series and permanently banned from Golden Tee Mobile.  If it is determined that a player manipulated results in any way that person will be permanently removed from Golden Tee Mobile.

Last, but not least

Good luck, have fun, and hit em straight!

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