Watch: Fight Club Show Ep. 4
The show and current standings of Fight Club Week 4!

The fourth week of Golden Tee Mobile Fight Club is in! Watch the live Fight Club Show above with commentary form Adam Kramer and Kevin Lindsay!

Watch: GT Mobile Fight Club Show Ep. 3

If you conquer the Blitz round and park yourself in single-elimination play then you have a chance of your game being featured on our YouTube! All five final matches of the elimination round will be streamed on YouTube with live commentary from Golden Tee's Adam Kramer and Kevin Lindsay! The Fight Club show will be streamed the following Monday after the Fight Club week. We will also select other games to stream with commentary throughout the week.

See the Top 100 players in each division HERE.

All players in the top 100 will be paid out in Gold bars for their respective positions as they are eliminated. Gold bar payouts can be found at the bottom of this page.






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