Golden Tee 2021 Bounty Holes
Rewarding players up to a $250 GT gift card for bounty holes in 2021!

Bounty holes crossed out on the above graphic have been hit.

It's a holiday week for the Golden Tee community with the 2021 update releasing to commercial machines. The week gets even better with the announcement of the Bounty Holes for the 2021 courses! This year we've added more bounties and will be giving out a total of $1,425 in Golden Tee gift cards! There are six holes that have a $100+ bounty and four of them are $200+ bounties. Adam Kramer and Kevin Lindsay dissected each course to find the best possible holes for bounties and tallied up what they see fit for prizes.

Be the first player to message us your YouTube replay of your bounty shot. You can message our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You must be playing in contest mode (For prizes or non prizes). This is a first come first serve deal. Your best way of winning is to message us your bounty hole as soon as possible! Good luck!

Monte Zeballos - Hole 2 - MEOW CHOPPER *

Forest Knoll - Hole 15 - 10BEERS

Hidden Temple - Hole 15 - TATER TOT!

Golden Tee Live 2021
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