Golden Tee 2021 Launch
The 2021 Golden Tee update has been released to commercial cabinets!

In this 2021 Golden Tee update, you will find five brand new courses ranging from beachfront to mountain tops to the temples of Cambodia! Two more courses will be remastered from previous Golden Tee years for a total of seven new courses! There will be more bounty holes for 2021 with gift card winnings up to $250 per hole! Along with that, we will be giving away Golden Tee gift cards for the #1 Shot of the Week for 2021 courses! Stay tuned to our social media for more information about bounty holes and #1 Shot of the Week contests!

If your local Golden Tee cabinet hasn't been updated, ask your vendor or management where your Golden Tee is, that you wannt the 2021 update! If you're having trouble finding a 2021 updated Golden Tee cabinet, you can find Golden Tee cabinets near you by clicking here or by downloading the GT Caddy app for Apple here and Android here.

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Golden Tee 2021 Trailer - Watch the full trailer with the all-new Golden Tee courses in the 2021 update! Jim Zielinski designed five brand new courses and two remastered courses in this update. The attention to detail from the animals or boats in the background to the tee box and greens were superbly created by the Golden Tee design team!

GT Caddy App Update - The GT Caddy App is your one stop shop for finding the closest Golden Tee game near you, checking your stats, daily contests, and more. If your're Golden Tee cabinet isn't updated to 2021, let your vendor or bar know you want it updated asap!

Jim Zielinski's Favorite Course Holes - Jim Zielinski, who designs every course, gives you an insight into what some of his favorite 2021 course holes are. You also hear from Adam Kramer and Kevin Lindsay about their favorites!

Prize Play Transition - All Golden Tee 2020s will keep 50-man prize play on them for the foreseeable future. Invitational Contests will not be available on GT 2021 courses or cabinets until the Home Edition update launches on October 27th. Invites will remain on GT 2020 cabinets until that date as well.

Bounty Holes - Each year there are certain holes that get a bounty put out on them for H-In-Ones! We've upped the number of holes and some prizes are up to a $250 gift card!

Hole-In-One Giveaways - For the first few weeks of the commercial release of 2021, we will be giving away a $250 Golden Tee gift card to the number 1 spot in your weekly dose of Shots of the Week!

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