GT Caddy 2021 Update
The GT Caddy app has been updated with all things 2021!

While the 2021 updates are rolling out to commercial Golden Tee cabinets near you, the GT Caddy app received an update. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to control what clubs, balls, outfit you choose, and of course to be stocked up on golden tees! The GT Caddy app has your scores, stats, and invites all one spot. Download the GT Caddy app for Apple here and Android here.

What's New!

  • Support for all 2021 courses and features!
  • Player locker has all available clothing, bodysuits, John Daly outfits, and accessories. you now have endless choices to further customize your golfer!
  • Pro Shop has all available club sets, club styles, golf balls, build-a-ball effects, putters, and more!

Look for the mixture of a red and yellow pin to find the closest 2021 updated commercial Golden Tee cabinet on the GT Caddy app!

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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