Prize Play Transition 2021
As we prep for the launch of Golden Tee 2021, there are a few changes coming!

Today is Ship Day for the Golden Tee 2021 update! With that, there are a few changes to prize play.

All Golden Tee 2020s will keep 50-man prize play on them for the foreseeable future. Daily Contest, Money $hot, CTTP for Prizes and Events for will be turned off on Golden Tee 2020 cabinets Monday night September 28, 2020.

There will be foundational changes being made, physic changes to clubs and surfaces, and other sizable modifications that will not allow us to have 2020 and 2021 games competing against one another.

Prize play for Golden Tee 2021 prereleases will be turned off Monday night as well. Once these cabinets are updated to the latest version that was shipped to operators, Prize Play will return.

Invitational Contests will not be available on GT 2021 courses or cabinets until the Home Edition update launches on October 27th.  Invites will remain on GT 2020 cabinets until that date as well.

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