GT PGA TOUR Caddy Update
New features and updates for 2022 in the latest Caddy release!

With the release of Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2022, comes an update to the GT PGA TOUR Caddy app for Apple and Android devices, delivering a host of new features and 2022 content to the ever-evolving Caddy.

What's New in Golden Tee PGA TOUR Caddy (Version 2022.28)

  • 2022 Courses, Balls, Clubs, Apparel, Club Pass Seasons
  • Support for upcoming timed-release items
  • Support for Build-a-Ball Skins/Colors
  • Support for Club Style Skins/Colors
  • Support for Player Banners (Player Nameplates/Player Cards)
  • Turn on PGA Invites and Friends
  • Numerous Bug Fixes

Check out an example of the all new customizable Player Banner in GT PGA TOUR 2022 below!

If you haven't yet, hit the link to install Golden Tee PGA TOUR Caddy on your device now, and find-a-game near you today! Get PGA TOUR Caddy


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