The October Open
Our Latest Callaway Tour Event For the Home Sends 2015 Out With a Bang

After a magnificent debut, the Golden Tee Home Edition Callaway Tour is kicking back into gear on October 1 for the October Open. Throughout the month, you can win prizes simply by playing your Golden Tee Home Edition game.

To help bridge the gap between the launch of Golden Tee 2016 for home owners, we’re sending out 2015 in style. The October Open is more or less a GT Bounty Hunt for a variety of categories. We’re keeping it simple this time around while also providing plenty of unique ways to win fantastic Callaway gear and more.

Some criteria you’ll know; some will remain a secret until the very end.

Sound mysterious enough? Let’s proceed.

Play 25 games between October 1 and October 31 and you’ll be eligible to win a free Golden Tee update (valued at more than $400) or a free illuminated Golden Tee 2016 marquee (valued at $100) via random drawings. It doesn’t matter what you score or how many birdies you hit; complete 25 games and you’ll qualify to win both awesome prizes. At the end of the month our winners will be randomly selected.

That’s a start. Oh, but that’s not all.

Instead of focusing on just one aspect of Golden Tee this month, the October Open is celebrating the whole catalog.

All 50 courses are eligible to be played, and we’re also focusing on a variety of criteria rather than just one item. Tired of playing just the 2015s? Play whatever you like and the totals—or the moments achieved during this time—will be totaled during the October Open.

As always, you must complete the games you wish to have included in running totals. Stats and Glory Games will count, and yes, you must use the same Player Card/Credit Card throughout. For those who have participated before, this should all look mighty familiar.

As for the criteria we’re searching for, let’s get right to it. Here are the challenges and prizes at stake. The mystery criteria—hand selected already—will be unveiled at the end of the month. We have to keep you on your toes, after all.

Most Birdies or Better: Odyssey Works Putter

Most Holes-in-One: Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Tour Wedge

Best Score: Illuminated 2016 Marquee

Most Great Shot Points in a Round: Illuminated 2016 Marquee

Most Double Eagles: Callaway Golf Towel

Total Great Shot Points: Callaway Golf Towel

Longest Drive: Callaway Mini-Cooler

Longest Putt: Callaway Mini-Cooler

Mystery Criteria No 1: Box of Callaway Chrome Golf Balls

Mystery Criteria No 2: Box of Callaway Chrome Golf Balls

Mystery Criteria No 3: Box of Callaway Chrome Golf Balls

Mystery Criteria No. 4: Box of Callaway Chrome Golf Balls

Participants will be eligible for one prize during this monthly contest. If a player finishes first in two categories, he or she will be given the option to pick the desired prize of choice. Other than that, the rules from previous contests will remain intact. Only the owners of machines will be eligible to win. (Tell your buddy who always plays on your game to buy one so he can win cool stuff, too.)

While we will provide a weekly update of current leaders, we will not be include updates on totals—a unique change from previous months. Simply put, we’re trying different things in an effort to provide different experiences each time. It’s up to you to decide just how many holes-in-ones or birdies will be good enough.

At the end, we will show a comprehensive breakdown for each category.

That’s it. All you have left to do is play, play, play. We hope you enjoy this contest, and we’ll be providing plenty of updates along the way.

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