Tallying the Results
Handing Out Awards From the Latest Callaway GT Home Edition Tour Event

Our latest installment of the Callaway Golden Tee Home Edition has come to a close—just in time for the release of GT 2016.

Before we officially turn our focus to the new courses, however, we have gear to hand out and other prizes to award. As part of the latest Callaway event—the October Open—Home owners had to play a minimum of 25 games to be included.

Anyone who met these requirements was eligible to win two raffles: a free update and an illuminated marquee. All you had to do was play, at least for this part.

The winner of the illuminated marquee was Matthew Parker.  The winner of the free update was Tim Spitzmueller. Congratulations to both!

Now, as for our other winners of various events. We had two different segments: a defined bit of criteria to meet and also mystery criteria as well.

We had a handful of instances where an individual won multiple prizes. As part of the contest—and to spread the wealth—we gave the winner of multiple prizes the better prize and selected our next finisher for the other criteria.

Translation: If you believe you won multiple categories, you very well might have! However, only one winner per contest. Makes sense? Excellent.

Here are our defined criteria and the winners. Congratulations to those included below.

Birdies or Better: Brian Spisak, 3992 (Odyssey Works Putter)

Most Holes-in-One: Brandon Becker, 24 (Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Tour Wedge)

Best Score: Dustin Hoehn, -31 (Illuminated 2016 Marquee)

Most Great Shot Points (In Single Round): Todd Boyer, 89,409 (Illuminated 2016 Marquee)

Most Double Eagles: Mark Yoho, 9 (Callaway Golf Towel)

Total Great Shot Points: Mike Donahue, 1,008,440 (Callaway Golf Towel)

Longest Drive: Kevin O’Connor 464.78 Yards (Callaway Mini-Cooler)

Longest Putt: Gavin Keeler, 146.50 Feet (Callaway Mini-Cooler)

As for our mystery prizes, the Home Edition team came up with a few different items.

We decided to change things up a bit. In many cases below, being bad was actually a very good thing. Here are the categories. Once again, congratulations to all!

Most Sand Saves: Jeri Clarke, 97 (Box of Callaway Chrome Golf Balls)

Most Pars: Carolyn King, 551 (Box of Callaway Chrome Golf Balls)

Most Penalty Strokes: Joseph Redmond, 294 (Box of Callaway Chrome Golf Balls)

Most Triple Bogeys: MADY M., 90 (Box of Callaway Chrome Golf Balls)

Thank you for everyone that participated in the October Open—a simpler, lighter side of our awesome line of Callaway events. We'll be mailing out prizes shortly.

With 2016, we’ve already started planning our next big event. Stay tuned to and for more.


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