Throwback Thursday is Back!
The Daily Contest Takes a Trip Back in Time to Whispering Valley!

The normal Daily Contest schedule is back in swing. The 2016 courses have been added to the rotation—bringing with them some explosive scores—and now Throwback Thursdays are back in action.

Oh, and you can qualify for the Golden Tee World Championship on the Daily, too. That seems important.

Today, you can do such qualifying on a Golden Tee original. Whispering Valley, a 2005 creation, is the first Throwback Thursday course of the 2016 update.

To play, well, all you have to do is play. Play the Daily Contest as many times as you’d like—honing in on the same winds and pins. Only your best score will count. At the end of the day, the top 400 finishers will cash. The top 500 will earn World Championship points.

And on Friday, the Daily will switch back to a 2016 creation. But before it does, let us take a quick journey back in time. Enjoy the fine, score-able golfing world that Whispering has to offer.

Stay updated on the contest using your GT Caddy app, or use the Daily Contest Leaderboard on LIVEWIRE.


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