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50 Days of Golden Tee Reaches 2009 as the Daily Madness Continues

50 Days of Golden Tee moves forward. And with the launch of Golden Tee 2016 this week, it will help us bridge the gap between one update and the next.

As cabinets around the country start receiving the 2016 update, players will be able to compete on the Daily Contest on both 2015 and 2016 for the next few weeks. It’s a wonderful excuse to explore every course ever created in Golden Tee LIVE, and this far the interest and participation in this movement has been off the charts.

We’ve already made it through 2005, 2007 and 2008. Now, we’ll run through the full gauntlet of 2009 courses and ever end the week in 2010.

Black Hills will make its highly anticipated Daily Contest debut, while Bonnie Moor—a fan favorite—will enjoy its Golden Tee spotlight as well. What a spectacular week it will be.

The full schedule for 50 Days of Golden Tee can be found here. As for where we’re headed this week, here is the updated itinerary.

Monday, Sept 28 – Woodland Farm (2009)

Tuesday, Sept 29 – Black Hills

Wednesday, Sept 30 – Sunny Wood

Thursday, Oct 1 – Bonnie Moor

Friday, Oct 2 – Grand Savannah

Saturday, Oct 3 – Tahiti Cove (2010)

Sunday, Oct 4 – Bella Toscana


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