The Time Has Come! Golden Tee 2016 is Headed to a Location Near You!

Oh, what a lovely day. Today, Monday, September 28, is Golden Tee Ship Day.

We made it.

There is no more waiting. Today, after hearing, watching and reading about it for so long, Golden Tee 2016 updates will begin shipping around the country.

TODAY, MY FRIENDS, IS GOLDEN TEE 2016 SHIP DAY. Here’s how we feel about it.

What does this all mean?

For starters, you will be playing Golden Tee 2016 soon—very, very soon. Starting on Tuesday and through the rest of the week, games around the country will start to update. We will tell you EXACTLY what you need to do in the coming days to prepare accordingly.

For now, get ready. Remove all chores from your list. Enjoy your family while you can. Be super productive at work so you can take the rest of the weekend off. You will likely need it.

Happy Golden Tee 2016.

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