10K and Counting
Saluting a Monster Update Milestone for Golden Tee 2016

More than 10,000 Golden Tees have now been updated, which means you can now play Golden Tee 2016 and all of its excellence in, well, lots of places.

The process to get all of these games updated—especially with the debut of the keypad—takes time. Kudos to the operators that have updated all of these games in the past few weeks; 10,000 not long after launch is a HUGE number.

Since the game shipped, Money $hot—our new daily closest-to-the-pin event—has taken off. This past Thursday, the top prize was more than $250! It only takes one shot, and we’re seeing players of all skill levels and handicaps compete for huge cash prizes.

Build-A-Bag has also been a supremely popular new addition. Players around the country are naming and creating their own club sets and putting these creations to good use on the 2016 courses. You can create your own set on the GT Caddy—Golden Tee’s player app available for Apple and Android devices.

With Golden Tee World Championship qualifying set to begin on November 2, we’re only getting started.

Here’s to the more than 10,000 games updated and the many more that will be soon.


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