Big, Big Money!
Starting October 10, Money $hot’s Top Prize Will Be Huge! Updated Payouts Ahoy!

We told you from the very beginning that we would monitor the Money $hot payouts and adjust if/when needed. After a deep dive into the latest batch of data, we’re making another change. And now, starting on Saturday, October 10, the top prize is going to be a massive, massive reward.

The game has changed.

The days of the $50 top prize are gone. Starting on Saturday, the top prize for each day of Money $hot will start at $125! That’s right—one shot and one dollar can now net you some enormous earnings if you're the closest to the pin in a 24-hour stretch.

The reason for the change? Quite simply, we want those once-in-a-lifetime shots to be given a spectacular treatment. With players of all skill levels winning and competing for these prizes, the chance for anyone, regardless of handicap or lifetime games played, to take home a prize of $125 or above is very real. We've seen it, and we'll continue to see it.

It’s a shot anyone can hit—and they are. Just get closest to the pin with one effort and the prize can be yours.

While we will continue to monitor and adjust payouts accordingly, we are excited at the competition this is set to ignite each and every day.

The top prize is not the only change with the payouts, either. We will now pay down 300 spots with the starting prize structure. As always, the more play that comes in, the larger the prize pool can grow.

1.  $ 125.00
2.  $50.00
3.  $ 30.00
4.  $ 25.00
5.  $ 15.00
6-10.  $ 8.00
11-20.  $ 6.00
21-30.  $ 5.00
31-50.  $ 4.00
51-75.  $ 3.00
76-100.  $ 2.00
101-300.  $ 1.00

Be sure to check out Money $hot on 2016, and follow along with the updated results on the GT Caddy - Golden Tee's free player app.

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