• Hawthorne Manor goes mobile
    The front nine of Hawthorne is now available on Golden Tee Golf!
  • Monday Mixup
    Elkhorn Ridge returns for this week's Monday Mixup!
  • The 2016 Scramble!
    This week's Freaky Friday Daily Contest gives you some of the best 2016 has to offer
  • Don't Miss Dog Days Daily
    This Thursday, We're Adding $1,000 to the Daily Contest!
  • 10K and Counting
    Saluting a Monster Update Milestone for Golden Tee 2016
  • Big, Big Money!
    Starting October 10, Money $hot’s Top Prize Will Be Huge! Updated Payouts Ahoy!
  • 8,000 Games and Counting
    Golden Tee 2016 Continues to Make Its Way Across the Nation
  • Build like a Pro: Part One
    Former GT World Champion Andy Haas Shares His Build-A-Bag for Winding Pines; Let’s Have a Look
  • New Gear By The Numbers
    What Are the Most Popular Clothing Items in 2016? Let's Have a Look
  • Cash Infusion!
    Money $hot is Doubling the Prize Pool and Quadrupling the Winners, Starting Monday!
  • World Rankings, Reloaded
    Your Monthly Golden Tee World Ranking is Now Based Off Of Your 2016 Performance
  • Video: How to Build-A-Bag
    The Ins and Outs of Creating Your own Club Set in Golden Tee 2016
  • Scenes From Day 1
    A New Era of Golden Tee Great Shots Enjoys a Magnificent Debut!
  • Golden Tee 2016 Launch Guide
    The Features, Courses, Additions and News You Need to Know Before Teeing Off on 2016
  • Wanna Play 2016?
    Find-a-Game and the GT Caddy Are Your Go-To Sources to Track Down 2016!
    The Time Has Come! Golden Tee 2016 is Headed to a Location Near You!
  • Behind the Design: Winding Pines
    Our Last Golden Tee 2016 Creation Gets Dissected
  • A Whole New Way to Win
    Golden Tee 2016's Exciting New Game Mode Explained
  • The Golden Tee 2016 World Championship
    How to Qualify, Dates, Seeding and More - The C
  • One. Week. Away.
    Golden Tee 2016 Ships September 28! Here's What You Need to Know
  • Behind the Design: Elkhorn Ridge
    Golden Tee 2016 Heads to a Canadian Mountain
  • More Tools to Use
    Introducing Golden Tee 2016's New Virtual Golf Balls
  • Play Golden Tee 2016 Early!
    Although Ship Day Isn't Here Just Yet, 2016 Can Now Be Found at The Following Locations
  • The GT Caddy, Reborn
    You May Now Officially Build Your Own Club Set For Golden Tee 2016
  • Behind the Design: Volcano Palms
    Exploring Golden Tee 2016's Paradise Voyage and Celebrating Lava's Grand Return
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