Build like a Pro: Part One
Former GT World Champion Andy Haas Shares His Build-A-Bag for Winding Pines; Let’s Have a Look

Welcome to a new series on, Build Like a Pro, where we examine what some of Golden Tee’s great players are playing (or more specifically building) in Golden Tee 2016.

Yes, Build-A-Bag has changed the game forever. Forget about just picking the appropriate club set; you can now create your dream set based off what a certain course requires. You can do just that, and many of you are already, on the GT CaddySeriously, go download the app for your Apple or Android device if you haven’t already.

To help offer up some ideas to get those creativity juices flowing, we kick things off with Ohio’s Andy Haas.

The name “Ship It!” is known well in the Golden Tee world. You probably see him on the Daily Contest leaderboard every now and then. Haas is a Golden Tee World Champion and has many other titles to his name. Oh, and he shot a -36 earlier this year.

Simply put, the man knows his Golden Tee.

Today, Haas is showing us his Build-A-Bag on Winding Pines, the very first course in the 2016 rotation. It’s a course that rewards creative shot making, and the bag that Haas is currently using is evident of that. Hello, options.

Here it is in all its glory.

“I think the 0-hybird and 2-hybird will come in hand on this course, mostly for Hole 10,” Haas said.

For those unfamiliar, Hole 10 is a drivable par-4 that bends to the left. It can range anywhere from a driver to, as Haas alluded to, a hybrid.

To take Haas’s thoughts one step further, the 0-hybrid, one of the more unusual clubs the game has ever known, is a fascinating option here. There are a handful of holes that reward really low shots. It’s why Haas uses a combination of low and high loft, adding in a 7 and a 9-wood.

“I chose the longest driver available (310 yards) because of Hole 14,” Haas added. “That par-5 needs the distance if you hope to sometimes bounce it off the bridge.”

While you won’t always have to skip it across the bridge on Hole 14—extra distance will come in handy when you do. That bridge can serve as a trampoline to the next fairway. Thanks for the tip, sir.

And thank you for sharing the entity of the bag as well. What do you think?

Download the GT Caddy today for your Apple or Android devices and build your own club sets in Golden Tee 2016.


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