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What Are the Most Popular Clothing Items in 2016? Let's Have a Look

Oh, the GT Caddy is a busy place these days. Not only are players building bags at a magnificent rate—thanks to the debut of Build-A-Bag—but new clothing is also flying off the virtual shelves.

New this year is a selection of clothing items that can only be found on the GT Caddy. Needless to say, players have been quite fond of these wacky, wild, weird and downright fascinating exclusive.

Before we go any further, download it now if you haven't already.

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What are people purchasing on the GT Caddy? We've looked at some of the numbers and trends, and now we have answers.

Here’s a rundown of the most popular items at this point.


5. The Shoes

For the first time in a long time, Golden Tee has new footwear. Pretty much every new shoe available on the Caddy is being gobbled up at a tremendous rate - the lovely kicks above included. Oh, and we're not done.


4. The Zombie Outfit

Bring the undead to Golden Tee. Yes, we all just love zombies these days, and now your virtual golfer can look the part. Together, the shirt and pants give you a very corpse-y look. You wanted that, yes? Of course you did.




3. The (New) Cigar

Now, you have options. Although the cigar has had a presence in the game for a few years, 2016 brings a newer, more smoked piece of mouth candy to be accessorized. Just don't burn your shirt mid-swing. I HATE when that happens. 


2. Chicken Feet

Honestly, I'm not sure what else there is to add. Just look at the image above. It's absolutely no surprise that the chicken feet are one of the more popular items. It's awesome.


1. The Creepy Clown

The creepy clown mask is the most popular item being purchased, and it's not even close. The shirt and pants are not as popular, but both are items still getting lots of interest. The mask might be one of the more terrifying and gorgeous items we have ever made. In one week, it's become a must-own. 

Want to check out these items and more? Want to unlock them for your virtual golfer? Check them out on the GT Caddy.

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