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The Daily Contest Heads to Golden Tee 2010 and 2011 This Week!

In a matter of weeks, the Daily Contest will become the hub for Golden Tee World Championship qualifying and the 2016 courses will take center stage. Before we get there, however, we still have many courses to get through on 50 Days of Golden Tee.

All 50 LIVE courses up through 2015 are in the Daily Contest lineup. Every. Single. Course.

The full lineup, available here, still has plenty of meat left on the bone. This week we finish up with the 2010 courses before making our way to 2011. From the tricky Southern Oaks to the lovely Falcon Sands to the very scoreable Laurel Park—this week has a bit of everything.

The seven-day schedule is as follows:

Monday, Oct 5 – Monument Valley

Tuesday, Oct 6 – Southern Oaks

Wednesday, Oct 7 – The Great Wall

Thursday, Oct 8 – Laurel Park (2011)

Friday, Oct 9 – Falcon Sands

Saturday, Oct 10 – Timber Bay

Sunday, Oct 11 – Alpine Run

Tune into the GT Caddy or the LIVEWIRE leaderboard to monitor progress. And get ready for November 2, the day that everything changes. 

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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