One. Week. Away.
Golden Tee 2016 Ships September 28! Here's What You Need to Know

The Incredible Technologies warehouse is momentarily a mountain range of boxes—a giant orchestration of fork lifts and moving parts. The image above is just a small percentage of the Golden Tee 2016 updates preparing to be shipped. I've been told more than 13,000 pounds worth have been boxed up. Oh, and we're not done; not even close.

It’s controlled chaos, really, for one very amazing reason.

Golden Tee 2016 ships next Monday—September 28.

I repeat—clearing throat—GOLDEN TEE 2016 SHIPS NEXT MONDAY. SOUND THE ALARM.

We will have a full rundown of all of the exciting additions and features we have discussed this year—including some items still to be released—early next week. For now, however, we need to get you ready. More specifically, you need the GT Caddy.

The latest version of the Caddy is now available for download. On this version, which is live already, you are able to create your own club set with Build-A-Bag and also unlock clothing items that are now specific to the Caddy.

Seriously, this is our most robust update yet. Get it for your Apple or Android device and be sure to update the app if you have it already.

In Build-A-Bag, you have complete control over your club set: the name, the description, the courses you play on and, of course, the clubs. It’s a game-changer in every sense, and you can design your ideal clubs sets right now and have them ready for when 2016 launches.

The clothing has also been updated, which now includes exclusive items you will only find on the Caddy. Even though you can’t wear the gear just yet, you can have the items ready for next week. Go download it today.

Did I mention Golden Tee 2016 comes out next Monday? That seems pretty important.


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