A Whole New Way to Win
Golden Tee 2016's Exciting New Game Mode Explained

Welcome to a new era of Golden Tee—a time where one magnificent shot can net you huge cash prizes thanks to the debut of Money $hot in GT 2016.

By now you may already know the biggest quirk about this exciting new game mode: there is no cup.

That is not a typo. You’ll be hitting it as close to the pin as possible, and you’ll get three cracks at doing it for just a buck. During that three-shot round, the winds will increase in difficulty throughout, although no other variables will change. The hole, pin and tee box will stay the same.

Once you’re done, you have a decision to make: are you satisfied with your score or do you try it again? (After all, it’s just a buck.)

If you do give it another try—and perhaps another, and another, and another—you’ll be thrown into the same exact hole you just played on although the tee box and pin placement will change. The winds, through all three shots, will continue to change.

Between 12:01 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. central time, you have as many cracks at this hole as you please—trying to get it as close to the hole as possible. Perhaps this brilliant shot happens on your first effort; maybe it happens on your twentieth. Regardless of how long it takes, the top 100 players, starting at launch, will take home a cash prize on Money $hot each and every day.

While we have introduced the feature before now, we have not introduced the prize pool. Here is what Money $hot will pay out when 2016 launches. The prize pool will start at $400, although just like the Daily Contest does, it will grow as more play comes in. The payouts, as a result, will likely (hopefully) get far larger.

These payouts will be in place on Tuesday, September 29—the day after 2016 ships.




$    50.00


$    30.00


$    25.00


$    20.00


$    10.00


$       8.00


$       5.00


$       4.00


$       3.00


$       2.00


$       1.00

Also similar to the Daily Contest, please keep in mind these payouts will likely be fluid. While we will start with a $50 top prize, $400 added and 100 winners, the goal—as we did last year with the Daily—is to grow this as the feature goes.

By no means do we see these payouts as final. Because it is such a unique feature, we believe the response will be positive and play will be high. If that is the case, expect more winners and money added not long after it debuts. When these decisions are made, we will be transparent with the information. Translation: When we know, you will know.

Making this feature even more intriguing is the way the Money $hot leaderboard will displayed. While you will have access to your leaderboard placement at all points throughout the day—and you will be able to monitor this progress on the GT Caddy or—distances will not be shown in real time.

Past contests will have a complete breakdown of distances for each competitor, although the day’s active contest will show placement and nothing more. Strategy will be at an all-time high. If ever a feature called for something new and different, it is this one. We think it will add a unique element to a fantastic new way to win.

We can’t wait for you to play. Oh the joys a buck can bring.

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