Introducing Build-A-Bag
The Game Changer is Here; In 2016, the Dream Club Sets Are Yours

In Golden Tee 2016, the virtual world is at your fingertips, and I mean this most literally. For the first time in the history of the game, you will be able to create your own high-performance club set.

The name. The spin. Every club. The decisions are yours to make in Build-A-Bag, one of the most exciting additions to ever make its way into the game.

We want to see what you can up with, and as a result, there will be very few limitations in place. You will have to have a putter and will have certain maximum thresholds—a max amount of fairway woods, irons, etc.—but outside of that, you will have complete control of what you play moving forward.

Design it for your playing style. If you feel comfortable hitting lower shots that are impacted less by wind, then a collection of hybrids might be for you. If you like the flexibility that comes with fairway woods, then perhaps a lofted set will suit you best.

And if you want to simply design the best club set for a given course—you will have that option. Is one particular drivable par-4 giving you issues? Is there a late par-3 you want to build a set around? Is extra loft needed to get around obstacles? However you design, whatever the logic behind it, you will be able to do so.

The feature will launch the moment Golden Tee 2016 goes live in the GT Caddy app. If you have not downloaded it for your Apple or Android device just yet, I implore you to do it right now.

Seriously, let’s pause for a second and get this taken care of. Click on either icon below.

                           Golden Tee Caddy Google Play Badge                            Golden Tee Caddy Apple Store Badge

Although the plan is to eventually have the feature on LIVEWIRE, the Caddy will be Build-A-Bag’s official hub. It will be located in the Pro Shop, always open for business.

You will be able to design a club set at the bar, hit purchase, and presto—the next game you play will have your set ready for use.

To celebrate this new feature, we are dedicating an entire week to explaining its addition to the game, how you will be able to maximize it and the important odds and ends you should for creating your own club sets.

Be sure to check each day for more. Tomorrow we explore the new golf clubs that will debut this year exclusively on Build-a-Bag. Oh, there is much to discuss.


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