New Sticks to Pick From in 2016
Build-A-Bag Isn't Just Changing the Game; It's Bringing Six New Clubs For the Ride

In Golden Tee 2016, you will be able design (and name) your own high-performance club set. By now, many of you are well aware of this bit of news and the exciting things Build-A-Bag has in store. While the cat might be out of the bag—and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it—there is still so much to discuss.

We will do just that this week on, and today we’re highlighting one of the most intriguing aspects of this exciting new addition to the game: You will have new clubs—six in total—that you will be able to pick from as you create a set.

That’s right. Six.

“While launching this feature, we felt like it was time to fill in some holes for clubs we hadn’t designed just yet,” Golden Tee co-creator and course designer Jim Zielinski said. “On top of giving players the utmost flexibility in what they play on a particular course, Build-A-Bag will also provide an array of exclusive club options to use on courses new and old. There is much exploring to be done.”

Two fairway woods will be added: The 1-wood and the 8-wood are each available in Build-A-Bag. The 1-wood is a 295-yard club, some added distance beyond the 2-wood that was added last year, and the 8-wood is a 195-yard club with supreme loft.

The four other new clubs that will be available in Build-A-Bag are hybrids. The fascinating 1-hybrid will make its debut, offering a 250-yard distance at a low launch  angle of 17 degrees. This will come in handy on a slew of shots where a low ball might be necessary.

Joining the 1-bird will be 7, 8 and 9-hybrids. The 7-hybrid will have a default distance of 150; the 8-hyrbid’s default distance will be 140; and the 9-hybrid’s default will be 130.

Of all the additions to 2016, these are without question the most unique. They offer a combination of height and power from this distance that the game has never seen.

How and if you decide to use these clubs in your sets will be completely up to you. But you now have more ammunition than ever before.

Build-A-Bag will launch with Golden Tee 2016 on the GT Caddy—our first-ever FREE player app. Trust us, do yourself a favor and download it for your Android or Apple device today so you will be ready on Day 1. Click the icon of your device below, and you’re all set.

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We still have much more to talk about as it pertains to Build-A-Bag. Tune in all week to learn more.


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