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Starting in GT 2016. Closest-to-the-Pin LIVE is Adding Golden Tees

Tee it high. Tee it low. Move it left. Move it right. Move it backward. Move it forward.

Using Golden Tees in, well, Golden Tee gives you these familiar options. However, up until now, this helpful shot manipulator has only been available in 18-hole online games. That’s about to change.

In Golden Tee 2016, you will now be allowed to use Golden Tees in Closest-to-the-Pin LIVE. I repeat: Once the latest installment hits, Golden Tees will be available for use inside this pin-seeking feature.

For those of you planning on playing Money Shot—the new feature debuting in 2016—you will also be able to use Golden Tees in this game mode as well. Although there is no cup to in this version, you will still have access to use and purchase tees.

Want to move left to counter a small crosswind? Want to add some extra spin to a shot that needs it? What about a little extra distance? Need to clear some trees directly in your path?

You got it—all of it on all nine setups during the game.

Golden Tees allow you these options, as you’re probably already aware of, and now they will reshape a feature that is all about getting it in the cup. And because some of the holes aren’t always direct shots, you will now have the means to get every shot close.

This small but impactful change could ultimate shift the strategy involved. And while you still have to it in the bottom of the cup, you now have more tools at your disposal to make this possible.


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