No Putter Necessary
Closest-to-the-Pin Makes its Offline Debut in Golden Tee 2016

If you’ve always wanted the option to test out Closest-to-the-Pin without having to compete for prizes, this is the year where your hopes and dreams come true.

CTTP is getting the casual treatment in 2016, which means you can try to get it close to—or hopefully into— the cup without having to compete for prizes. It will now be a selectable option as an Offline game mode.

It’s the same exact structure as Closest-to-the-Pin LIVE. Each player will have nine shots at nine different par-3s or drivable par-4s. The player whose best shot is closest to the pin, wins. It’s that simple. And while cumulative totals will be tallied, it’s all about that one moment.

It’s all about taking advantage of one setup and making the most of it.

If you’ve held on playing CTTP for whatever reason, don’t hold off anymore. Play your buddy—or buddies—for bar bragging rights. Work your way up to Prize Play material. See how you stack up against the game and conditions on creations stretching back across Golden Tee LIVE.

This version will be available in both the amusement and also on the Golden Tee Home Edition, which is good news for everyone.

Give CTTP Casual a spin in 2016. We hope you enjoy.


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