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In 2016, Your Build-A-Bag Club Sets Can Be Assigned to Courses

Creating your own club set is only the beginning. What do you name it? What do you put for a description? These are things you’ll have to address in Build-A-Bag come Golden Tee 2016, where you’ll be able to craft your own club set for the first time in the history of the game.

You’ll also have to decide what courses you want to use this lovely new set of clubs on, and that’s where things get interesting.

Philosophically, and we’ll dive deeper into this in the coming days, there will be different reasons for creating your own bag. Some will design it based off of comfort with a particular club or clubs. Others will build based off a specific course or even a specific hole on a specific course.

For those who will design your club sets around a specific course design, we have wonderful news: You will now be able to attach this Build-A-Bag club set to a particular course, saving you the trouble of having to switch back and forth between club sets between rounds.

With one tap of your phone, your virtual-golfing world will change.

“This is something many have asked for, and we believe the timing of its debut is absolutely perfect,” Don Pesceone, Incredible Technologies’ Amusement Division Vice said. “The players who want to use variety in their rounds will be able to do so quite seamlessly on the GT Caddy. It’s quick, easy and remarkably convenient.”

The creation process of a Build-A-Bag club set essentially boils down to three different compartments: The name/description, the content of the clubs and the courses attached.

When you design a set, you can highlight the courses—new and old—you would like this club set to default to. The next time you play on the designated courses, your bag will show up without you having to change your equipment on the first tee. Gone are the days of shuffling back and forth between sets.

If a course currently has another Build-A-Bag assigned to it, this will show up in app as a different color. All you have to do is press each course once in order to activate the feature. You will be able to edit this portion of a club set at any time and as many times as you’d like.

This seems like the perfect time to plug the GT Caddy—home of Build-A-Bag and many other exciting new features in Golden Tee 2016. If you have not downloaded it for your Android or Apple device just yet, now would be the time to so. Once 2016 hits, this will likely be a popular place.

We’re not done with Build-A-Bag. In fact, we still have to explore how/why you will absolutely need this wonderful new addition. We do just that tomorrow; stay tuned to

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