• YouTube is BACK!
    Upload your "Great Shot!" and share it for a chance at SOTW!
  • Shots of the Week - 10/1/18
    2019 shots make their SOTW debut!
  • YouTube changes for 2019
    YouTube videos might look a little different with GT 2019!
  • The Longest Ace in GT History
    Behold the 478-Yard, Ramp-Infused Monster Hole-in-One on Juniper Falls No. 16
  • Dueling Albatrosses
    Not One, But TWO Par-5s We're Aced For the First Time in GT 2017!
  • Almost Too Good to Be True
    Is This the Greatest Golden Tee Shot of the YouTube Era?
  • The Ultimate Ricochet
    A 'Shot of the Year' Candidate is Born on Ruby Rock No. 2
  • We've Got Wood
    Behold An Early Contender For Shot of the Year
  • Cinematic Brilliance
    The Camera Work, The Effects, The Ricochet, The Dunk - You Need to See This
  • Rock Me Gently
    A Shot of the Year Candidate is Born on Ruby Rock Hole 8
  • Over the Ocean
    Down Goes Another Par-5; See How Hole 4 of Pine Coast was Conquered
  • The Magnificent, Complicated Juniper Falls 16th
    Oh, We Have Seen Some Things on This Glorious Par-5
  • Golden Tee 2017’s First Batch of Brilliance
    You Need to See This Shot From Juniper Falls ASAP
  • How Does 459 Yards Sound?
    Less Than a Week After the Record Fell, a New Longest Hole-in-One is Found
  • Super Duper Albatross
    You Absolutely Have to See This Shot on Volcano Palms No. 16
  • Success on Wheels
    A Double Eagle on a Hoverboard? A Double Eagle on a Hoverboard
  • Presenting the Shot of the Year
    Counting Down the Finest YouTube Moments of 2015
  • Coming Soon: The Best Shots of 2015
    Before We Crown a Shot of the Year, We Want Your Input
  • From Way Downtown
    Want to See a 437-Yard Hole-in-One? Of Course You Do!
  • Off the Wall
    A New Backboard-Infused Way to Tackle Hawthorne No. 6
  • For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)
    One of the Luckiest Shots on Golden Tee 2016; Behold the Greatness of Antelope
  • Beneath the Pines
    See One of the Year's Most Incredible Aces on Winding Pines No. 15
  • Over the Volcano We Go...
    A New Par-5 Has Been Conquered; See How It's Done on Volcano Palms No. 16
  • How?
    Behold One of the Most Unbelievable Golf Shots We've Ever Seen
  • Celebrating the Super Albatross
    A Look at the Many Ways to Conquer Antelope Pass Hole 14
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