Presenting the Shot of the Year
Counting Down the Finest YouTube Moments of 2015

It gives us great pleasure to present to you the finest Golden Tee Great Shots of the previous 365 days.

Yes, staying with tradition, Shots of the Year are back and better than ever—ready to countdown the 10 trackball efforts that truly separated themselves from all others. Before we dive headfirst into the madness—arguing over order, inclusions and exclusions—let’s go over the yearly and controversial parameters.

All shots are viewed and “graded” based off of entertainment and enjoyment. Skill, luck, absurd luck, dunks, ricochets, etc. It does not matter. We throw each shot into a large pile—a pile that starts in the thousands and is slowly sorted—until we’re left with a much smaller group. We condense it down even further until we get 10.

From there, our prestigious team of Great Shot experts assesses each one closely. We don’t stop until we have a defined No. 1. The full countdown is available below.

Yes, the debate over skill vs. luck has driven the committee mad over the years. While we absolutely cherish the shots that were executed with intent—and there are examples below that meet this criteria—we do not limit this exercise to those alone.

Greatness exists in the original, no matter where that creativity originates from. Entertainment comes in many shapes and sizes. We celebrate it all the same.

With that, I will remove myself from this grand Internet stage and present the countdown.

Here are the Top 10 shots from 2015. Grab some champagne. You've earned it.


10. When a Game of Pinball Breaks Out


9. Where'd That Backboard Come From?


8. Graceful Power


7. The Dunk to Rule All Dunks


6. A Gift From the Surroundings


5. Maximum Creativity Achieved


4. From the Top Rope/Rock


3. The Dream Path Taken


2. The Rockiest of Roads


1. Bad Enough For Brilliance

 Congratulations to everyone who made the Top 10. We will see you next year.

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