Dueling Albatrosses
Not One, But TWO Par-5s We're Aced For the First Time in GT 2017!

In a matter of a few days, at least to our YouTube knowledge, two—yes, two—par-5s in Golden Tee 2017 were aced for the first time.

This is a big deal, you see. For starters, outside of Hole 10 on Pine Coast, par-5s in this update are rarely aced. Even this hole requires a wonderful tee shot—a once-in-lifetime-type effort for many—to be accomplished.

But these efforts below demanded something more. Incredible skill, for starters. Brilliant planning. Favorable tee boxes in conditions. Power. You name it, chances are these two shots have it.

We begin with Ed Godfrey’s remarkable takedown of Teal Garden Hole 14.

While we have been waiting for some time for this first ace to appear, it hadn’t up until now. That was until Godfrey floated a beautiful driver up onto the green, pinpointing just the right line and rolling the ball in perfectly.

Well done, Mr. Money $hot.

Our second super albatross comes from Sandy Reef, where shot chemist Marc “The Mouth” Muklewicz uncorked a violent, beautiful ace on a hole that is rarely even reachable.

Another Hole 14, another par-5 conquered.

Here is Muklewicz delivering one of the most unbelievable, powerful holes-in-one you will see all year.

What hole is next?

Perhaps we will find out soon. In the meantime, let us celebrate this magical stretch of Golden Tee Great Shots.


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