Almost Too Good to Be True
Is This the Greatest Golden Tee Shot of the YouTube Era?

You are about to witness one of the greatest Golden Tee shots of the YouTube era. You should know that going in.

During a week that already produced a bona fide ‘Shot of the Year’ contender, we have found another.

And as good as this first shot was, I’m not sure many shots have delivered the kind of absurdity you are about to see. It has a bit of everything. Skill and intent, for starters—going under the canyon on Monument Valley No. 9 at precisely the right angle.

It has some supreme luck—as seen by the beauty of the skips it takes to get just enough air at just the right moment. It even incorporates live animals as props: two unassuming coyotes that serve as field goal posts for this golf ball moving at incredible speeds between them.

And it all culminates in a magnificent dunk, which serves as a brilliant cap for it all.

Have there been more skilled shots? Certainly. More blind luck moments? No question. But it's hard to package more Golden Tee goodness in one short video than this.

Seriously, watch this shot and then watch it again. You won’t see many better than this.


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