Beneath the Pines
See One of the Year's Most Incredible Aces on Winding Pines No. 15

We here at Golden Tee enjoy the truly absurd trackball efforts—the holes-in-one that bounce off a rock, ricochet off a pig, collide with a spaceship and somehow end up in the cup. These efforts fuel the Golden Tee Great Shot Flux Capacitor.

But we also like skilled shots, too. Intent is important. And when skilled shots can almost appear as though there were done by accident—like the one you’re about to see—then we’ve found a glorious sweet spot.

That brings us to Paul Luna’s shot on Winding Pines No. 15—a par 4 that is indeed drivable. Despite standing behind a fortress of trees, there is a gap to the green. Many players have gone over using a fairway wood.

Luna took a 0-hybrid—a bizarre, wonderful club seemingly constructed for this course— and decided to do something, well, different. We have no idea where he got the idea for this shot; why would anyone try this?

(Oh, it worked.)

Give this a try, maybe. Well, give it a try as long as you don’t mind dumping a ball or two in the water to learn a fascinating shot. The risk is here is magnificent; the obstacles aplenty; but the reward is mighty fine.  


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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