Over the Volcano We Go...
A New Par-5 Has Been Conquered; See How It's Done on Volcano Palms No. 16

It can be done, and we have the shot—no, shots—to prove it. While we’ve already highlighted one drivable par-5 on Golden Tee 2016 on this here website, we now have another to celebrate. And this one, needless to say, is far less obvious.

Hole 16 on Volcano Palms has officially been conquered. It can’t (and won’t) be driven all of the time, and I say this with full knowledge of the failure. With the wrong wind, tee box or both, it might not be worth risking.

But with the right tee box, right wind, a high tee and a 3-wood, you can make some magic on this hole. You can drive right over that volcano (literally) and to the hole. Just last week, we saw two golfers execute almost the exact same shot playing on the Daily Contest.

The result is a couple of gorgeous golf shots that will be difficult to duplicate.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

A C-3, some backspin or bite, a monster wind, that high tee and a big ol’ 3-wood is all it takes. Oh, it takes some luck, too. Let’s not forget about that. And let’s not forget about the chops it takes to try this considering what a failed attempt is likely to do to your scorecard if it doesn’t work.

But when it does work… goodness is it pretty.

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