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A Look at the Worlds Qualifier A Week In, Plus a Throwback Thursday Reveal!

After one week of Golden Tee World Championship qualifying, one thing is certain: This will not be decided this week or next. Qualifying the Top 32 players is going to be a long, wonderful, thrilling process.

Between now through January 15, qualify for the Worlds on the Daily Contest. The World Championship Leaderboard is now live on LIVEWIRE and the GT Caddy app. Through eight days of qualifying, with points accumulating each day, here’s what the current Top 10 looks like.

Oh, there still is much to be determined. Qualifying has only just begun. The 2016 courses are still fresh in the rotation, while Throwback Thursday is now back in action as well. This week’s Thursday stop will be the 2007 creation Indigo Mound—a unique journey back into the jungle.

Throwback Thursday, just like any other day on the Daily, will help us decide which players are selected for the World Championship. The top 32 players will all receive invitations to compete in the March 16-17 showdown in lovely Las Vegas. Top prize for this event will be $10,000; the overall prize pool will be more than $60,000.

Oh, it will be something. But we have a long way to go before we get there. We’ve got to get through Indigo Mound and many other stops. For a full rundown on World Championship rules, payouts and more, click here.

See you on the Daily.


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