The Road to Vegas Starts NOW
Qualifying for the Golden Tee World Championship is Underway on the Daily Contest!

The wait is over. Qualifying for the Golden Tee 2016 World Championship in lovely Las Vegas starts, well, now. Right. Now. Seriously, time to go play the Daily Contest.

The event will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center—formerly the Hilton—during the AMOA Amusement Expo on March 16 and March 17 of next year. Top prize will be $10,000 and we will hand out more than $60,000 to the 32 finalists.

But we have time before we get there. And between November 2 and January 15, trackballers can secure their spots in the finals by playing the Daily Contest.

All you have to do is play. Each and every day, we will hand out Golden Tee World Championship Points based on the finish of the contest. By now, most of you know the Daily Contest well; play as many games as you’d like on the same course/conditions and improve your score. Only your best effort will count.

These best efforts will be tabulated day by day. The 30 players with the most points when qualifying period has ended will be given a Golden Ticket. The two other spots will be awarded through live events.

On Tuesday, we will debut the World Championship Leaderboard that will have a home on and also the GT Caddy. It will update each morning following a Daily Contest event, and the points from the prior day should be added before 11 a.m. central.

The daily point system is as follows:

1st Place: 100 points

2nd Place: 80 points

3rd Place: 70 points

4th Place: 60 points

5th Place: 50 points

6th to 10th Place: 40 points

11th to 20th Place: 30 points

21st to 30th Place: 25 points

31st to 50th Place: 20 points

51st to 75th Place: 15 points

76th to 100th Place: 10 points

101st to 200th Place: 5 points

201st to 300th Place: 3 points

301st to 400th Place: 2 points

401st to 500th Place: 1 point

On January 16, the 30 players with the most points will be allowed first access to the event. If one (or more) cannot attend, we will go down the list and invite those players who finished just outside the cutline. Players will have roughly 10 days to confirm their attendance.

Once the field of 32 players is set, the Golden Tee World Rankings will help seed the tournament during the month of February. The participants will then be bracketed based off of their monthly finish.

At that point, the main event will be upon us. It will be time to crown another world champion—the first in a long while. It will be time to hand out a $10,000 check.

The payouts for the Golden Tee World Championship are as follows:

1st Place: $10,000

2nd Place: $5,000

3rd Place: $4,000

4th Place: $3,000

5th-6th Place: $2,500

7th-8th Place: $2,000

9th-12th Place: $1,500

13th-16th Place: $1,250

17th-24th: $1,000

25th-32nd Place: $750

The history, the cash, the thrill—it all begins right now. Today. A long process to crown a champion—a World Champion—starts now. Stay tuned to for much more.

Welcome back, Golden Tee Worlds. We missed you.


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