Costume Party!
Golden Tee Celebrates Halloween By Reminding You of This Sweet Holiday Gear

Every day in Golden Tee is an elaborate costume party. So Halloween, while most appreciated, isn’t exactly breaking news in our peculiar world.

We dress up like dang fools regularly.

With that fully on the table, Golden Tee loves its dress-up holidays. And over the years, we’ve gone wild with costumes that celebrate this great October event. Oh, we have options. Many of you likely have some or all of them by now.

But for those of you that don’t—or for those of you looking for a refresher on what items are in your virtual closet—you’ve come to the right place. Behold the options.

To unlock any of these items, simply hit the option button at any point during a game and select give away code. From there, enter in one (or more) of the following items.



30B0002013 – Unlocks Frankenstein Headwear

45B0002016 – Unlocks Frankenstein Shirt/Pants (Enter Twice for Full Outfit)



37B0002015 – Unlocks Headwear



18B0000002 – Unlocks Headwear



04B0000000 – Unlocks Pumpkin Head Plus Halloween Shirt and Pants (Enter Three Times for Full Outfit)


Have a wonderful and safe Halloween weekend regardless of what you wear. And remember, candy is super healthy and really good for you no matter what anyone else says.


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